FO: Frostberries Shawl in ShiBui DK Peacock

In knit on 23/08/2009 at 12:28 PM

Frostberries ShawlI decided to knit the Frostberries pattern out of the ShiBui yarn I received earlier in the month. You can much better see the color and quality of this wonderful yarn in this picture but it still doesn’t quite capture the luster and luxury of this baby alpaca. I am going to block this one more time (it didn’t quite stretch out as much as I think it should have) and then crochet a border around it with the extra yarn that I have. Then after all of my christmas knitting is done I want to get a few skeins of the sock yarn in this color way to make myself some fingerless gloves AND maybe some socks. I have some time until I will have use for that much warmth in an outfit so I am not in too big a rush! Another shot of the project after the jump (this one shows the lace work)

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