Face Cloth Pattern

In knit on 31/07/2009 at 12:09 PM


This Face Cloth was designed for my sister as part of her birthday present. It is knit from corner to corner with a simple increase and decrease which makes this the perfect project for when you don’t want to use your brain when knitting.

Free PDF Pattern  or instructions inline after the jump

Each Face Cloth made with fingering weight yarn and size 5 needles measures 5 x 5. This pattern is easily modified to make squares of any size.  The stripe detail is achieved by knitting two (2) stitches together and then knitting the first stitch again before actually taking the stitch off of the needle. These stripes add a nice visual flair on top of the garter stitch.


Materials: Any DK or Fingering weight cotton yarn.

Needles: Size 5 needles.


Gauge: Gauge is not important for this project.



Increase Half:

Cast On 2 stitches Row 1-11: K to last stitch K front and back of the last stitch. Row 12, 24, 36 & 48: K2tog, before dropping stitch from the needle knit the 1st stitch on the left needle. Row 13- 23: same as rows 1-11 Row 24: same as row 12 Row 25-29: same as rows 1-11

Decrease Half:

Row 30-35: K until 3 stitches remain SSK, K1 Row 36: same as row 12 Row 37-47: same as rows 30-35 Row 48: same as row 12 Row 49 to end: same as rows 30-35 Once only 2 stitches remain BO.

Pattern Notes: I made these rather small because my sister is still young with little hands. This pattern can easily be adapted to be larger by adding in extra increase and decrease rows.


Adding a loop for this to easily hang in the bathroom is as simple as leaving a long tail after you Bind Off and creating a simple chain with a crochet hook then reconnecting the end with a simple knot. If you are not very skilled with a crochet hook you can braid 3 pieces of yarn together and sew in the ends or do a small iCord. 

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