Paradigm Shift Pattern

In knit on 30/07/2009 at 11:23 PM

Paradigm Shift

This easily customizable scarf was born of the necessity to make a quick, easy yet not boring garter based scarf. I used a faux-lace stitch I had used in a number of projects before and mixed it up with a non-criss-crossed version of itself. The result is a comfy, warm and airy scarf to get you through those unusually chilly spring mornings.

Free PDF pattern  or continue reading behind the jump for on screen instructions


Yarn – Manos Del Uruguay Pure Wool. Can be substituted with any other yarn though if it is not worsted weight you may want to add or subtract stitches. This scarf was 8” by 72” and used slightly more than one skein of Manos.

Needles: I used size 5.5 US

Crochet Hook or Darning Needle to weave in the ends.



K – knit

Sts – stitches

St – stitch

Sl – slip




Cast on 26 stitches (any multiple of 6 plus 2)

Rows 1-8: Knit

Row 9: K1, K24 wrapping yarn around each stitch 3 times, K1

Row 10: Knit all dropping extra wraps (26 sts)

Row 11-18: Knit

Row 19: K1, K24 wrapping yarn around each st 4 times, K1

Row 20: K1, sl6 dropping extra wraps, sl the 1st 3 sts over the last 3 sts and onto the LH needle and K6 repeat 3 times, K1

Row 21-28: Knit

Repeat rows 9-28 until desired length is reached.


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