Earned Media Proposal

In Politics on 11/07/2009 at 1:47 PM

One of the main issues that Steve Kornell is running on is improved Childhood Education.  Steve plans on giving his continued support of Mayor Baker’s mentors and more program as well as fighting to add an early childhood literacy component to the existing program.  As an earned media event to highlight this cause I would propose holding a children’s book drive at the Childs Park Recreation Center where Kornell once worked as a supervisor. 

The book drive would run on a Saturday afternoon for two hours and would feature a quick 10-15 minute speech by Kornell about the importance of education and early literacy programs.  He would also be available to speak on a one to one or group basis with voters and the media after addressing the crowd.  Kornell would be accompanies by a handful of staff and volunteers to help collect and document the books that were donated.  We would be collecting new and gently used books geared toward children ages 0-13. The books would then be donated directly to local children, or children’s groups that need books. Kornell had said in a recent meet and greet that he would always have a box of children’s books in the trunk of his car to hand out to children and parents that he meets as a way to help spark childhood interest in reading and access to books.  He said he would also hold book drives for local schools, hospitals and libraries to be certain that there will be a larger variety of children’s books available to children and young adults without having to spend tax dollars.

“As a member of council I will continue to support the Mayor’s mentors and more program. I will seek to add an early childhood literacy component to this program. As a school Social Worker I have witnessed firsthand how difficult it is to help children catch up when they enter kindergarten already behind their peers. Investment in our children at this stage of their education will pay dividends throughout their educational careers and adult lives.

In times of financial crisis, how can we continue to improve the lives of our children? I will call on diverse neighborhood groups to join in meeting this challenge. There are over one hundred neighborhood associations in St. Petersburg. I will call on them to partner with their local schools to help meet challenges such as the achievement gap. As your council member I will propose policies that will encourage the community to support our schools and pre-schools in meeting these challenges.”

 Information is from Steve Kornell’s website:

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