Internship Week 9

In Politics on 10/07/2009 at 2:06 PM

This week I was able to finish my obligation of 75 hours early, on Monday.  Because of this I have decided to take the week off to focus on finalizing my journal and writing the papers after which I still plan on putting in a few hours a week.  The main focus of the campaign in general this week is to rally our volunteers and get everyone on track to be as effective as possible the week that mail ballots go out.  We plan on having a great showing in the field the day before, of and after the mailings go out as well as that weekend.  We will have as many volunteers as possible out in the streets as well as some “celebrity”  canvassers, such as elected officials and high profile supporters (Linda Learner and Nina Hayden for example).  This ground war combined with phone banking efforts and massive amounts of mail being sent out will ensure that all absentee voters in the district will have been contacted within days of receiving their ballot in the mail.  To contact those in condos we will be holding a few house parties and making phone calls in this week. 

 In addition to preparing for this massive ground attack by resting and keeping our 

volunteers in the loop we have been doing lit drops as well as going door to door speaking with voters and calling voters every day.  Kornell has been spending his days canvassing as well as making fundraising calls.  After I dropped off my extra lit on Monday Steve Kornell and I spoke at length about my shadowing him in the fall for my intro to Social Work class, as he plans on continuing to work part time as a school social worker when he is elected.  He says that there is a certain course 

that he has to take in order to have an intern shadow him but he would be sure to take that as soon as it is offered.  This would help me immensely because Penn’s graduate school has a program that works with the DCF to provide money towards a MSW and MSP in exchange for the graduates working with the DCF after getting their Masters degree.  The program requires some work or volunteer experience with a children’s organization to be considered., and I think that interning with a school social worker may be a good experience for this program.  Steve also mentioned that he would provide me with a glowing reference when applying for the MSP program as well as the DCF program.  Although my internship with Steve is over I am really looking forward to working with him in the future both in the campaign and beyond. 

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